A Winning Team

Seal has assembled a  team of professionals to achieve its objectives and to perform critical business and development functions to grow the business while retaining control of key knowledge assets in-house. Key members on the team are:

Geoff Klein
Primary founder and acting CEO with overall responsibilities for product development, R&D and IP 


Gidi Argov
Founder and acting CFO, manages administration, financing and investor relations  


Dima Katz
Heads the company’s business development and marketing efforts, tasked with achieving the company’s positioning and beta penetration objectives


Yossi Wexler
The lead algorithm developer with a strong background in AI, Pattern recognition, mathematics and statistics. Yossi is charged with developing and fine tuning Seal’s recognition algorithms


Haggai Guggenheimer 
Leads Android client development with a solid record developing robust smartphone applications on different mobile platforms and extensive experience supporting cross-device compatibility issues


Dror Gensler
Manages the company’s cloud based server infrastructure, ensuring that the company retains a flexible robust and scalable platform to grow its business